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The Story

Sub Rosa Soap began as a hobby that turned into an obsession that turned into a business.  Fear of handling sodium hydroxide & the number of different soapmaking techniques kept me from using all the supplies I'd purchased years ago.  A wonderful, local instructor hosted a soapmaking class one day and I was instantly addicted.

Weekends were quickly filled up with compulsive soapmaking, experimenting, & testing.  I started sharing my creations with friends & family, whom in turn, encouraged me to sell my soap, and... here we are.

Soaps are made with: Olive oil, coconut oil, 100% food-grade sodium hydroxide, locally-sourced goat's milk, organic, non-GMO botanicals, 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, and high-quality fragrance oils. All soaps are palm-free.  Vegan, 100% coconut oil, or 100% olive oil (Castile) soaps are also available.

Each soap is done in small batches; yielding only about eight bars per batch (seriously).  Every bar is hand-cut, stamped, carefully cured, and hand-wrapped.  It is truly a labor of love.

Sub Rosa Soap is:

Always cruelty-free

Never tested on animals

Committed to ethically-sourced ingredients


Handmade, cold-process

Made with 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils & high-quality fragrance oils

Formulated to make skin happy

Made with organic botanicals, clays, natural colorants, & skin safe micas

Made with sustainable ingredients

NOT made with palm oil

Things to consider:  People react to things differently.  You may experience a reaction to a “hotter” oil such as cinnamon, or even be allergic to a certain ingredient.  Please use common sense and discontinue use if irritation occurs.  If irritation persists, see your doctor.

Of course, don’t deliberately put soap in your eyes or eat the soap.  Please keep soap out of the reach of children & pets. 

Great soap takes time!  Cold-process soap needs to cure for several weeks before use.  A longer cure will produce a milder bar, more lather, & the soap will last longer. Please honor the ready date for a quality soap.  Most of all - enjoy.

With love,


Owner & Soapmaker